Empowering The Neglected
Dr Sheetal Amte-Karajgi
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Dr Bang visits mother Meena Dhit and her newborn baby in her home to undergo some health check-ups, Bodli village, Maharastra. Doctor Abhay Bang, has for years implemented a simple scheme he pioneered in the remote eastern district of Gadchiroli, where he trained local women in basic midwife skills and knowledge. The infant mortality rate has dropped from 121 per 1,000 babies in 1988 to just 30 deaths per 1,000 babies in 2007. Dr. Bang says: "These community health workers literally become a mobile new-born and childcare units. They can go house to house and save those children." Dr. Bang has backed up Save the Children’s biggest ever campaign to prevent the needless deaths of one million children in the developing world from both pneumonia and diarrohea. The “No Child Born To Die” campaign raises awareness to the fact that seven million more young children could be saved through simple changes to boost rural healthcare in poor countries. NOTE ON RESTRICTIONS: This image can be used for website, annual reports and other corporate communications. Media and wider use only after June 15, 2011.Can a village revolution for mothers and newborns go global? - The Huffington Post tarunyabhanTarunyabhan - MIT, Aurangabad phfi1SEARCH case study - Public Health Foundation of India pune-daru Daru Zone_Loksatta
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"महाराष्ट्रातील आरोग्यसेवा म्हणजे पैसाराज !" गडचिरोलीतील गोंड आणि गांधीवादी "गडचिरोलीतील गोंड आणि गांधीवादी" गडचिरोलीतील गोंड आणि गांधीवादी "गडचिरोलीतील गोंड आणि गांधीवादी ( English text) "