International Funding partners:

American India Foundation (AIF), USA

They are also the funding partners for the MANSI project – a collaborative effort of AIF, TSRDS and Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Jharkhand.


Mac Aurther Foundation

In SEARCH, it provides financial support to reproductive health, video aid production for health education, Dr. Chari Memorial Tribal youth sports, Sexual and Reproductive Health Education of Youth, Tarunyabhan promotion and Maternal Health.


Indira Manudhane Foundation, USA

Indira Manudhane Foundation is supporting Tobacco Control Trial with Self-help Groups.


Maharashtra Foundation, USA


Government Funding partners:

Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance (WTDBTIA)

The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance is a registered charitable trust in India, owning an equal partnership between the Wellcome Trust, UK and the Department of Biotechnology (Government of India). WTDBTIA is aiding in the research on stroke burden in Gadchiroli.


Integrated Tribal Development Programme (ITDP), India

The ITDP for Gadchiroli has is funding the Aamchi Nirogi Ashramshala Project of SEARCH.

National Rural Health Mission, Government of Maharashtra

Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) is supported by a Public-private partnership with National Rural Health Mission. The initiative has encouraged trust of the tribals as primary health care facilities have reached the corners of tribal habitation.

The government of Maharashtra has also lent its hand to support the Tobacco and Alcohol-Free Gadchiroli Campaign.


Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM), India

MAVIM is facilitating Alcohol Tobacco Deaddiction Control for the oral health check-up of women to identify pre-cancerous symptoms, in two Community Managed Resource Centres of Gadchiroli. Another collaborated programme holds SHG for 12,000 women.

Foundations &  CSR Funding partners:

Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust (NRTT), India

The bulk of NRTT institutional grants are in the areas of rural livelihoods and communities and education. They are funding Research, Home Based Newborn and Child Care, Tribal Friendly Hospital, staff capacity building, tribal health and innovative use of technology.


Tata Memorial Centre

The Tata Memorial Centre envisions providing comprehensive cancer care to one and all through their motto of excellence in service, education and research. They have underpinned the Cancer Registry programme by SEARCH in Gadchiroli, first of its kind working in rural-tribal and backward areas of our country.

Cognizant Foundation, India

With the vision to enable the under-privileged sections of the society to access quality healthcare, they are supporting us for uninterrupted supply of hospital equipment.


Dalal Foundation, India

Dalal Foundation aids the patient care in the hospital.


Infosys Foundation, India

Its mission is to work in remote regions of India, Infosys Foundation has been a huge support for Sexual and Reproductive Health of Youth and training and human resources development.


Maharashtra Knowledge Foundation

MKF is a Public Trust established by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd and has been supporting the workings in NIRMAN.


Wipro Cares, Bangalore

Wipro Cares is supporting SEARCH with Solar Power System for the 45-acre campus, dormitory construction for caretakers of the operated patients, hardware and software requirements in statistics support and health education on alcohol and tobacco control campaign.