A life saved…

For Mahadev Satpute visiting a tribal village of Gathanyeli in Gadchiroli was a general supervisorial job. On reaching the village, Dudhram Parse, a Community Health Worker (CHW) told them of a family who according to their prevailing tribal practices had placed the mother and the baby in a sepa-rate dark hut, and none of the […]

When a ventilator helps those at the bottom of the pyramid

On the early mornings of 24th July 2014 Sainebai, a resident of a tribal village where SEARCH works had a snake bite. Due to the toxic effect of the venom of krait her muscles were completely paralysed. When she was brought to the hospital of SEARCH she could barely breathe due to muscle paralysis and […]

An affordable relief

Looking into the mirror she felt queasy. Everything had gone into a stand still since a year. She had to give up farming, couldn’t carry baskets on her head, had to avoid social gatherings, her routine life had gone for a toss, and even worse, she had lost confidence in herself! “You will need a […]

Candle in the dark

One candle in a dark room is enough to ward off the darkness and a determined heart can give strength to the timorous. At a time when tobacco and alcohol are becoming the leading cause of cancer and stroke in Gadchiroli, Rakhi’s resoltion and her father’s surrender is a testimony worthy of applause. Rakhi from […]


From Lost to ‘SEARCH’ via NIRMAN

No clinical post graduation, no private practice, no job in central healthcare system (district or sub-district hospital). Pondering over these decisions, confused he entered NIRMAN. A process that was initiated over a year ago did one unique thing that had never happened before – it made Dr. Hrishikesh Munshi, from Wardha, ask questions to himself. […]