An affordable relief

Looking into the mirror she felt queasy. Everything had gone into a stand still since a year. She had to give up farming, couldn’t carry baskets on her head, had to avoid social gatherings, her routine life had gone for a toss, and even worse, she had lost confidence in herself! “You will need a cosmetic surgery,” they said. Sure, but could she afford to pay an arm and a leg? Sunanda, 45, from a village called Mudholi, was one of the 86 patients that were operated in the January General and Gynaec Surgery Camp at SEARCH. Her story, however stood out as an 8x7x7cm, infective sebaceous cyst that had grown suddenly within a year was surgically removed by Dr. Sandeep Shrotri, general surgeon from Satara, along with anaesthetist Dr. Mahavir Choughuley. On the last day as they clicked her ‘after’ picture she looked happy and content. Her operation was more than affordable and enough to not be embarrassed anymore!
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