Our Goal Is To

Unite the youth and involve them in purposeful community work and ultimately envision village empowerment

Bring to light the quality of leadership from potential youth for community work of their tribal village

Our solution

Around 1995, we sensed that the tribals youth have a natural tendency towards sports and cultural activities. Promoting sports was the best tool to unite, energise and sensitise them. For this, minimum two resident girls and two resident boys are selected from every village, based on their communication skills with the villagers and knowledge of the tribal culture. Holding to their instinctive abilities we move beyond sports to equip them with knowledge on topics like PESA, Gram Sabha, healthcare, health communication, Government schemes, development and consequently, target leadership training and capacity building.

Yuva Jatra – or a youth-focused tribal health assembly is the platform for the young tribals to voice out their health and livelihood concerns to their own community. The parliament places sports, culture and health as the prime objectives, inspiring the participants to be change makers.

Dr. Chari Memorial Tribal Youth Sports Event – SEARCH’s youth sports programme was started in year 2000 in the tribal villages to promote health through sports and keep youth away from addictions.

Health camps


Coach training