From Lost to ‘SEARCH’ via NIRMAN

No clinical post graduation, no private practice, no job in central healthcare system (district or sub-district hospital). Pondering over these decisions, confused he entered NIRMAN. A process that was initiated over a year ago did one unique thing that had never happened before – it made Dr. Hrishikesh Munshi, from Wardha, ask questions to himself. First Camp made him ask WHY? Second was all about WHAT? And the camps concluded with a HOW? Three fundamental questions. None alien. Nirman acquainted him with these questions he had been trying to escape, along with Social Reality and the connection between his answers and their social relevance. It pointed out the difference between ‘Want’ and ‘Need’. Nirman didn’t give him answers, but instead the questions to the answers he already possessed. He was given three job opportunities on the last day of the first camp. The recent learnings made him ask – Where are you needed the most? The Mobile Medical Unit was the answer. Going to the tribals of Gadchiroli and sharing the burden of obstacles in everyday life and of health. NIRMAN and SEARCH have made him learn that tribals may have a lot of problems but the real question is, “What can he bring to the table for those problems?” Over the last one year, he has been trying to become one of them. What distinguishes man from animals is empathy. Ability to understand and share feeling of others… – a small addition to this definition is what his learning is – …and act to alleviate it.